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The Power of Music to Reduce Stress

Headphones for listening to stress relief music

Music is an extremely effective stress management tool.

For me, music is everything. I usually wake up with music in my head, so more often than not I don't have to physically play a song on my music device of choice. But either way, music, with its sounds and its beat, makes me feel a particular way, and that feeling stays with me a long time, if not all day.

When I drive through the Atlanta traffic, which can be anytime of the day around the metro area, I usually choose to have instrumental music playing in the background. That feeling will help me to chill and tune out the bad traffic situations that I'm driving through. The music can be fast, slow, or medium tempo, but whatever it is it will generally just make me feel better and feel less stressed out. 

As a musician, instrumental music has always been a favorite music for me to listen to when I want to chill. First of all, since there are no lyrics, I am free to interpret the music anyway I choose. Unlike a song with lyrics, instrumental music can usually speak to me and set my mood to feel a certain way much easier than a song with strong lyrics.

Here is a very interesting article about how and why music aids in relaxation and stress management:

Music Relaxation: A Healthy Stress Management Tool

Take the time to check out music that will help you to reduce your stress! I am certain it will be a rewarding experience for you.





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